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2021-2022 University Catalog 
2021-2022 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, Biopsychology Concentration, B.A.

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Also see Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community Certification (MHRT/C).

The Psychology concentrations help prepare graduates for a variety of careers or positions that commonly emphasize helping people in some manner. Students complete five core required psychology courses that provide depth within the major, while allowing personal interests identify the completion of 10 or more additional courses within the major. Emphasis provides students with a firm methodological grounding for the discipline while also providing students with courses and experiences that are most likely to prepare them for employment after receiving the BA degree or otherwise enter a graduate program of study.

Mission and Outcomes

Psychology at UMPI endorses and follows the standards for undergraduate education developed by our profession. The following list is consistent with current standards of the American Psychological Association (APA).

  1. Students will demonstrate fundamental knowledge of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, historical trends, and empirical findings of psychology and be able to apply them to behavioral problems or issues.
  2. Students will develop skills in scientific reasoning and develop the ability to apply effective research methods through critical thinking and effective problem solving.
  3. Students will nurture their ethical values and social responsibility involving both professional and personal settings while living in and preparing for a more diverse world.
  4. Students will demonstrate competence in effective written and oral communication and demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills.
  5. Students will engage in professional development through effective self-reflection and by applying psychological knowledge and skills to achieve such development.

Degree study in Psychology leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Three concentrations in Psychology include a General Psychology Concentration (45 credits required), a Business Psychology Concentration, and a Biopsychology Concentration (each requiring between 65-67 credits). All majors complete five foundational course that are required and select eight additional courses in psychology from a specified set, with others in the specialty area if chosen. Specific psychology courses may be selected for those wanting to fulfill the Psychology Graduate Track designation whereas those seeking employment for various mental health positions within the state of Maine without further graduate school are encouraged to select courses to complete the Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician Certification (MHRT/C).

Admission into the program is largely open but successful completion of the degree depends upon a cumulative GPA for major requirements of 2.25, a minimum cumulative GPA for graduation of 2.00, and total credit hours earned of 120 for the BA degree. 

Psychology Major Requirements - 65-67 Credits

Biopsychology Concentration - 26-28 Credits

Psychology Electives - 24 Credits

Select 8 courses from the following; at least 1 must be at 400-level:

* Courses required for Psychology Graduate Track

** Courses that contribute to MHRT Certification  

Important Information Regarding MHRT Certification:

** Seven additional courses are required for those seeking a Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community Certification (MHRT/C). Please note that the additional courses are not required for completion of the Psychology Major.

MHRT/C is suggested for students seeking employment within Maine but not planning to attend graduate school. See Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community Certification (MHRT/C)  for more information.

Select general electives to bring total earned hours to 120

Total credits required for degree: 120

  • Minimum cumulative GPA for graduation: 2.00
  • Cumulative GPA for major requirements: 2.25

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