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2021-2022 University Catalog 
2021-2022 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Exercise Science, Health & Fitness Concentration, B.S.

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The Exercise Science major provides students a vehicle within an intellectual environment that fosters their knowledge in the areas of Exercise Science. Exercise Science graduates will have developed knowledge and skills essential for entry-level exercise science professionals through the curriculum, laboratory experiences, applied research, internships, and student-faculty interactions. The Exercise Science major can also serve as a foundation for graduate studies in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Athletic Training and other post baccalaureate degrees in allied health.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science & Pre-Health Professions provides students with a strong scientific understanding of the acute and chronic effects of exercise on the human body. The coursework emphasizes current research, as well as its practical application, and prepares students for careers in several health and fitness related fields including corporate/community/ commercial fitness, personal training, and strength and conditioning. In addition, depending upon each student’s area of interest, the major also provides opportunities for practical fieldwork experience.

The major is also an attractive option for pre-professional students who intend to study physical or occupational therapy, athletic training, medicine, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, dentistry, pharmacy, or enroll in a physician assistant program following undergraduate school.

Mission & Outcomes:

The mission of the Exercise Science program is producing graduates that are able to learn, discover, create, and promote science-based principles and practices of human movement that improve the quality of life for individuals and society.

  1. Use a systematic approach to ask and answer clinically relevant questions that affect patient care by using review and application of existing research evidence through a five step approach.
  2. Develop and implement strategies and programs to prevent the incidence and / or severity of injuries and illness and optimize their clients overall health and quality of life
  3. Apply clinical reasoning skills throughout the physical examination process in order to assimilate data, select and appropriate assessment tests and formulate exercise prescription
  4. Recognize clients exhibiting abnormal social, emotional and mental behaviors. Students will have the ability to intervene and refer as necessary. Graduates have appreciation of the role of mental health in health and wellness and use dialog and referrals to optimize the connection between mental health and physical health.
  5. Perform a SWOT analysis, needs analysis, each of the phases of planning and development and on-going facility management.
  6. Practice within the limits of state and national regulation using moral and ethical judgment. Students will understand how to work collaboratively with other healthcare providers and refer clients when a referral is warranted.
  7. Integrate proficiencies that represent the synthesis and integration of knowledge, skills, and abilities into actual client care.
  8. Are academically prepared with a scientific foundation for acceptance into graduate schools for students interested in becoming Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, or Athletic Trainers and other allied health professions.


Bachelors Degree

A student must successfully complete the General Education Curriculum with selected supporting courses. Additionally student must complete the Exercise Science sequence and concentration (Health & Wellness, Pre-Health Care) that matches your career goals.

Science Requirements For General Education - 8 Credit Hours

Program requirement:

Select general electives to bring total earned hours to 120

Total credits required for degree: 120

  • Minimum cumulative GPA for graduation: 2.67
  • Cumulative GPA for major requirements: 2.67

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