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2022-2023 University Catalog 
2022-2023 University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Adjunct Faculty

Professional Staff/Adjunct Faculty

Boma, Courtney

Churchill, Sydney

Cushman, Shea

Dionne, Sloan

Humphrey, Cody

Knight, Mark

Marston, Keli

McPherson, Rowena

Morrison, Brian

Nunez, Heather

Rockwell, Tracy

Sleeper, Shannon

Adjunct Faculty (PATFA)

The Part-time Faculty Association of Maine (PATFA) represents part-time faculty teaching within the seven universities of the University of Maine System. Unit members are designated to Service Lists 1, 2 or 3, based on years of service.

Service List 3

Andersen, Brent Associate Professor
Boudman, Clifton Professor
Brewer, Natasha Lecturer III
Cole, Leonard Lecturer II
Delahunty, Krista Lecturer III
Ferrell, David Lecturer III
Flaherty, Elizabeth Assistant Professor
Guiod, Debra Lecturer III
Harrigan, Kathleen Lecturer II
Harrington, John Lecturer III
Ivey, Melissa Lecturer III
Shapiro, Ted Lecturer III
Siddiqui, Javed Lecturer III
Thompson, Frank Asst. Professor

Service List 2

Anca Mendes, Anabela Lecturer I
Ashby, Jefferson Lecturer III
Coulter, Malcolm Lecturer III
Cyr, Don Lecturer III
Day, Brian Lecturer I
Deschaine, Lori Lecturer II
Dube, Kristy Parent Lecturer I
Ferris, Michelle Lecturer I
Gorneault, Trudy Lecturer I
McNeally, Kasey Lecturer II
Mishaan, Michelle Assistant Professor
Murray, Ronald Lecturer I
Pelletier, John Lecturer I
Ross, Wendy Assistant Professor
Sullivan, Frank Lecturer II
Winslow, Natasha Lecturer I
Wolverton, Brad Lecturer I