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2021-2022 University Catalog 
2021-2022 University Catalog

The University

Welcome to the University of Maine at Presque Isle, where education is tailored to our students’ needs-the way it should be.

Located in the heart of northern Maine, this 150-acre campus is home to dedicated professors who share the latest research and pedagogy in their fields through personalized learning, which includes hands-on activities, interactive discussions, and experiential projects.

Through this type of learning, students get a voice and choice in what they learn and how they demonstrate that they’ve learned it. They also get integrated career preparation that starts freshman year and helps them discover their best career path. Upon graduation, students have a portfolio they can share with future employers that outlines the skills they’ve gained to prepare for the workforce.

The University also serves students’ social and recreational needs, providing lighted tennis courts, an art gallery, 12 athletic teams, and more than 30 student clubs and organizations, as well as a state-of-the-art health complex with a pool, indoor track and climbing wall.

It’s a short walk to Presque Isle’s downtown area, which features shops, restaurants, and a movie theater. The City of Presque Isle (population about 9,500) hosts a commercial service airport and daily bus services, its own television and radio stations, world-class skiing and mountain biking trails, as well as a shopping mall. Most major Christian denominations and a synagogue are located in Presque Isle.

As the hub of Aroostook County - the largest county east of the Mississippi - Presque Isle is within a short driving distance of many picturesque rural communities and some of the most beautiful, unspoiled wilderness an outdoor enthusiast could ask for.

Northern Maine shares a border with Canada, providing the opportunity for exciting day and weekend trips to destinations such as Fredericton, New Brunswick, and Quebec City, Quebec.

The University serves as an educational and cultural center for the area and is host to many state and regional conferences. Its facilities are utilized for lectures, programs, concerts, dance performances, exhibits, and plays that benefit the entire region.

Our History

The University was founded in 1903 as the Aroostook State Normal School by the Maine State Legislature following the work of dedicated citizens who saw the growing need for post-secondary education in central Aroostook County.

The University has undergone four name changes since then: in 1952, it was renamed The Aroostook State Teachers College; in 1965, it became The Aroostook State College; three years later, it was renamed The Aroostook State College of the University of Maine; and since 1971, it has been known as The University of Maine at Presque Isle.

More than a century later, students come from all areas of Maine, and the U.S., as well as foreign countries as close as Canada and as far as China, to complete undergraduate work.

The University strives to be the region’s premier learning institution while helping to stimulate cultural and economic development in Aroostook County and the State of Maine.

Foundation of the University at Presque Isle

Established in 1972 through the direct efforts of a dedicated committee of the University-Presque Isle Community Council, the Foundation of the University at Presque Isle is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation with a Board of Directors representing the region.

The Foundation was created to promote educational endeavors in connection with the University and to receive and administer funds for scientific, educational and research purposes, all for the public welfare. Opportunities exist for memorial gifts, unrestricted gifts, scholarships, and other forms of giving.

Alumni Association

Upon graduation, students become members of the University of Maine at Presque Isle Alumni Association and are encouraged to return for Homecoming Weekend, which takes place in the early fall. Officers and Executive Board members hold regular meetings on campus and assist in furthering the goals of the Association and the campus. Special fundraising projects are undertaken by the Association to assist the University.★