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2019-2020 Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Adjunct Faculty

Professional Staff/Adjunct Faculty

Baker, Amanda

Baker, Patrick

Marston, Keli

Matthews, Mina

Nunez, Heather

Rockwell, Tracy

Adjunct Faculty (PATFA)

The Part-time Faculty Association of Maine (PATFA) represents part-time faculty teaching within the seven universities of the University of Maine System. Unit members are designated to Service Lists 1, 2 or 3, based on years of service.

Service List 3

Andersen, Brent Asst. Professor
Boudman, Clifton Professor
Brewer, Natasha Lecturer III
Cole, Leonard Lecturer II
Delahunty, Krista Lecturer II
Earl, Polly Lecturer III
Ferrell, David Lecturer III
Guiod, Debra Lecturer III
Haley, John Lecturer III
Howe, Karin Lecturer III
Ivey, Melissa Lecturer III
Ladner, Barbara Lecturer III
Laforge, Jean-Paul Lecturer II
Perley, Imelda Lecturer III
Prescott, Lisa Lecturer II
Shapiro, Ted Lecturer III
Thompson, Frank Asst. Professor

Service List 2

Ayoob, Carol Lecturer I
Barton, Joan Lecturer I
Coulter, Malcolm Lecturer III
Cyr, Don Lecturer III
Doheny, Carmen Lecturer I
Eldershaw, Patricia Asst. Professor
Ferris, Michelle Lecturer I
Flaherty, Elizabeth Asst. Prof.
Gallagher, Guy Professor
Halvorson, Traci Lecturer I
Harrigan, Kathleen Lecturer I
Harrington, John Lecturer III
Kierstead, Jr. Harold Lecturer I
McNeally, Kasey Lecturer II
Murray, Ronald Lecturer I
Nonken, Reed Lecturer I
Pelletier, John Lecturer I
Siddiqui, Javed Lecturer III
Westerdahl, Carol Lecturer II

Service List 1

Lecturer I

Anderson, Leslie Asst. Professor
Armstrong, Jeffrey Lecturer I
Ashby, Jefferson Lecturer III
Beaudet, Suzanne Professor
Belyea, April Lecturer I
Boma, Courtney Lecturer I
Bradstreet, Wendy Lecturer I
Day, Brian Lecturer I
Dennis, John Lecturer I
Deschaine, Lori Lecturer I
Dobrin, Carson Lecturer I
Drost, Ryan Lecturer I
Dugal, Michael Lecturer I
Gogain, Melissa Lecturer I
Gorneault, Trudy Lecturer I
Gover, Linda Lecturer I
Greaves, Joseph Lecturer I
Hannal, Rachael Asst. Professor
Hitchcock, Jennette Lecturer I
Katsman, Eugene Lecturer I
Kornachuk, Mark Lecturer I
Logue, Owen Asst. Professor
Mahoney, Justin Lecturer I
Major, Carey Lecturer I
Mathes, Nadene Lecturer I
Mishaan, Michelle Asst. Professor
Morin, Julio Lecturer I
Ouellette, Heather Lecturer I
Perkins, Kim-Anne Professor
Sleeper, Shannon Lecturer I
Slike, Michelle Lecturer I
Smith, Christine Lecturer I
Standefer, Christine Professor
Stanley, Megan Lecturer I
Sullivan, Frank Lecturer I
Surrette, Timothy Lecturer I
Tidd, Bonita Lecturer I
Tweedie, Tracy Lecturer I
Ward, Shari Lecturer I
Wheaton, Ryan Lecturer I
White-McCall, Jane Lecturer I
Winslow, Natasha Lecturer I
Wolverton, Brad Lecturer I

Dual Enrollment Partnering Adjunct Faculty

Caribou High School (RSU #39) & Caribou Regional Technology Center

Atcheson, Ken

Bell, Jamie

Blais, Nicholas

Cote, Casey

Kirby, Andrew

Ladner, Allison

Levesque, Denise

Madore, Vanda

Nonken, Reed

Perreault, Kim

Central Aroostook High School (MSAD #42)

Bell, Mindy

Hodgdon Middle/High School (MSAD #70)

Garcia, Linda

Fitzpatrick, Brian

Lannon, Susan

Houlton High School (RSU #29)

Chase, Kathy

Fagnant, Heather

Mills, Nannette

Tweedie, Tim

Presque Isle High School (MSAD #1)

Argraves, Erin

Barnes, Jenn

Dobrin, Carson

Greaves, Joe

Grooms, Katalin

Hudson, Jeff

Knox, George

Powers, Zack

St. Pierre, Teri