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2019-2020 Course Catalog 
2019-2020 Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teacher Education Program Requirements

Teacher Education Degrees and Programs

The Department of Education offers programs leading to a b.s. degree in Elementary Education (k-8), Secondary Education (7- 12), and Physical Education (k-12). The programs are approved by the Maine Department of Education.

Each program in the Department is undergirded by beliefs and values we hold about teaching and teacher preparation. The beliefs and values are articulated in the Conceptual Framework of the Department. The Framework has a knowledge base informed by research and best practices.

Each program consists of a General Education Curriculum, a subject area concentration, a sequence of professional education courses, including foundation and methods courses, and field and clinical experiences. The General Education Curriculum (40 semester hours) provides students with a broad foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. Courses that constitute the subject area concentration for each program provide learning opportunities for teacher candidates to develop concepts, values, skills, and methods of inquiry. Through the professional education courses, candidates gain knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions they need to help k-12 students in achieving Maine Learning Results and the Common Core. The combined effect of the General Education Curriculum, subject area concentration, professional education courses and field experiences is the preparation of candidates that meet Maine’s Common Core Teacher Standards.

There is a Post-baccalaureate route to each of the programs. The route is designed for individuals who hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university but seek initial teacher certification. Post-baccalaureate teacher candidates range from individuals who have no experience in teaching to those who have experience as teacher aides, tutors, or paraprofessionals.

Professional Standing in Teacher Education

Education majors are closely monitored and supported by their advisor as they progress through the program. Tk20, an electronic portfolio system, is utilized to track and assess student progress.

All education majors are expected to work closely with their faculty advisors in the Department of Education to follow the prescribed sequence of courses for their particular major. Students with advisors who are liberal arts & sciences faculty should confer each semester with a member of the teacher education faculty to keep abreast of changes in policies and requirements and for course approval.

Eligibility for Student Teaching

To be considered eligible for student teaching, the teacher education candidate must submit a completed application package to the Director of Student Teaching and Field Experience one full semester in advance of the anticipated practicum experience and meet the following criteria by the end of the semester prior to student teaching:

  • a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or greater;
  • a 3.00 grade point average in the major and a 3.00 in the professional sequence;
  • maintain the above GPA during the semester prior to student teaching;
  • completed 100 credit hours, including methods courses;
  • achieved qualifying scores on the Praxis I & Praxis II exams (see Praxis policy);
  • completed requirements for Tk20 at Level II*;
  • documentation of successful background check resulting from fingerprinting through the Maine Department of Education;
  • completion of appropriate background checks for jurisdictions outside of Maine;
  • completed registration for EDU 495 .

* Department of Education assessment tool

The Praxis Assessment

The Maine Department of Education requires that applicants for teacher certification must achieve the established qualifying scores on the Praxis I, the Praxis II, and (in some cases) the PLT exams before initial certification is granted.

Students will not be allowed to student teach until documentation of passing scores for Praxis I and Praxis II is received by the Office of StudentTeaching and Field Experience.

A Maine Department of Education Certificate is required by all University of Maine at Presque Isle Department of Education teacher certification students prior to making application for a teaching certificate in most of the Canadian provinces.

Post-baccalaureate students should consult with their advisor concerning required tests, qualifying scores, testing options, and availability of Praxis support services as soon as possible following acceptance into the program. ★